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The importance of Micro switch feel
Time:2018-01-10 Views:252

Our finger is a very busy official, knocking on the keyboard every day, click on the mouse, press the remote control, one day, do not know how much to use back. People always say what the fingers are grinding cocoon, in fact, that the level of finger wear. Everything is a loss of process, our fingers often help us to press different switches, which press the most is the mouse and TV remote control.

 Micro-switch is not only a change of seventy-two parts, it will appear in different forms in our lives, as a convenient gadget. Set a mouse shell it changed a name called the mouse, into the body of the microwave oven it becomes a microwave button. Carefully looking for its trace actually found it on our side, and everywhere in every corner of life, ubiquitous. Different small appliances are different forms of switch, the difference between the quality of the switch so that we feel different when used. People are looking for comfort, whether they are living or working. A good feeling will make them fall in love with that feeling. Put it down is the hand needs and desires. We all like crisp switch feel, keep pressing and quickly rebound, fingers seem to be doing fitness exercise, enjoy the unique feel of the micro switch.

The initial stage of micro-switch has just been created and production is clearly not perfect, a small switch also has a great mention of the ground. With the development of the times, it is constantly changing itself. So, you will find that the mouse feel better and better, the price is also decreasing year by year, a lot cheaper than buying a few years ago, feel the change to tell you the switch, the increase in switch life, all of this Changes are because, continue to be more animalization is the pursuit of the eternal invincible switch.